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Enter or change account number

  • Please note! If this is the first time that you are submitting your company’s account number to Constructiv using our online module, you must complete a number of administrative steps first.
  1. Activation of the digital key
  2. Setting up access management for your company via CSAM*
  3. Assigning the role ‘Manage account numbers with Constructiv’* as authorisation to change your company’s account number with Constructiv.
  • Already familiar with our online module? Have your eID ready and go straight to the online module to forward your company’s account number to us.
  • Our detailed step-by-step plan walks you through the individual steps and will help to ensure that the process is as smooth as possible.
    Constructiv will use the account number that you enter as a unique account number for your company so that it can deposit all sectoral interventions for which your company is eligible.

    Still have questions about Constructiv’s account number online module? Please get in touch! Or check the FAQ section.