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As from 18 December 2023, all active construction workers will receive a new ConstruBadge 2024. This will replace the ConstruBadge 2023 as of 1 January 2024.
The badges for workers of foreign companies can also be ordered via our web application as of 18 December, provided that a Limosa declaration for 2024 has been filed beforehand.
The ConstruBadges 2024 for temporary workers, workers returning to work after a long-term incapacity for work and retired workers who continue to work after their official retirement date will be prepared and sent in January.
Furthermore, as of 1 January ConstruBadges will be issued on a daily basis. New workers in Belgian companies will receive a ConstruBadge automatically as soon as their employer has dealt with the Dimona declaration. Foreign workers can order ConstruBadges once the Limosa declarations have been filed.
The use of the ConstruBadge remains unchanged: it is a visual means of identification that can be used to register presence on construction sites if the site management has provided the necessary hard- and software.